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Please download an order form or use a plain sheet of paper.
Payments accepted by check or money order. Thank you.

We open Jan. 7, 2015. Have a Happy New Year!

Sorry, no online ordering at this time. I'll try to update the web site to indicate any varieties that sell out. If you got to this page accidentally, the link for the home page is below. Thanks and happy gardening.

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When are we open?

We are open from January to mid-May:

Order instructions:
Please use the order forms downloadable below or simply a plain sheet of paper. Please remember to indicate whether you will accept substitutes. If we are sold out of the variety that you request. You can list specific substitutes if you wish. For example, you can say "If you are out of Contender beans, please send Tendergreen." Demand for heirloom seeds in increasing in the US, so listing substitutes will speed your order, as finding seed suppliers is more difficult this year.

We temporarily close from mid May to early January.

Closed from June through December.  Only gift certificates are available. I check email only twice a week during this period, as the business is officially closed.  I must return any order other than for gift certificates.  Sorry, I just do not have the resources the giant corporations have. This is a mom-and-pop company.  I do it for love of gardening and preservation of heirlooms. I just can't have a staff to sell seeds in the off-season.

No orders will be sent out until germination tests are complete, this year about January 10th.  I want you to have success with my seeds, so I won't sell any seed that hasn't been tested for germination, so please have patience.

I try to order from smaller, family-owned companies, especially ones that promote preserving genetic diversity. My orders from seed growers may not arrive until sometime in January, so a small number of seed varieties may not be in stock until late January.



Sorry, I can not sell seeds to people in Minnesota, Hawaii or outside the United States.
(Exception: Canadians who email me before ordering may be able to arrange payment.  US banks charge large fees for cashing Canadian checks even when made in US dollars.  E-mail first or I can't accept Canadian orders.  I have no control over Canadian customs regulations, though, so you may have to pay a customs fee.)

All varieties are $2.00 per packet. This makes it easier for you to total your order.

Shipping charges:

Mail order only. (No phone orders; I have a hearing disability.)
I cannot take credit cards.
Checks or money orders in US dollars from US financial institutions only.
Sales only in the US.
Send to:
New Address Skyfire Garden Seeds
100 S College Ave
Salina, KS 67401

Terms of sale and guarantee:
All seeds are sold for planting or preservation purposes only. Do not eat seeds or use for sprouts. Liability is strictly limited to replacement of seed or return of the purchase price of the seed. Seed is guaranteed to germinate in the year of purchase only. By ordering seed, the buyer acknowledges this warranty.

Order form:
You can write your order yourself on a blank sheet of paper, listing both type, variety and amount. For example,
"Bean, Black Turtle, 2 packets"
Or you can print out our order form and indicate the number of packets you want.
Please remember to indicate whether you will accept substitutes if we are sold out of the variety that you request. You can list specific substitutes if you wish. For example, you can say "If you are out of Dragon Tongue beans, please send either Contender or Kentucky Wonder." If not, I will substitute the closest variety I have.

To download an order form, right-click the format you prefer.
Then choose "Save Target As" to save it on your computer.

Adobe PDF
(Note: You can get a copy of Adobe Reader to open PDF files at Adobe Reader if you do not have the program on your computer. Many PCs come with the program already installed.)
Microsoft Word

Misc. information:

How long does it take to ship orders?
All orders are shipped by First Class mail, or if over 13 ounces, by Priority mail.

1.  In January, seeds usually take 2 to 4 days to be mailed out.

2.  From February 1 (when my wholesale orders finally finish arriving) though July, seed orders usually go out within 2 to 3 working days of arrival.

3.  Please read: Please order seeds when we are closed, because we are in the process of testing and/or ordering seeds and your order will be delayed until January or returned to you. (Except for gift certificates, the company is closed during this time. See instructions near top of page.) Also, some varieties will be dropped in the New Year so you will be disappointed and/or you could miss out on ordering some good new seed varieties if you order too early.  If you want to order special seed packets for Christmas stocking stuffers, contact me by email or letter to find out what varieties are available.
Click for custom seed packet information. Also, this is a one-person company--during flu season, things can slow down by a day or two. This is a very tiny heirloom preservation company. I have a full-time job to make my living. If you also are dedicated to preserving heirlooms you will understand.

How many seeds in a packet?
With most varieties, there will be more than enough seed for a home garden. For a small number of very expensive varieties, there will be fewer seeds in a packet. If you are like me, you like to try lots of varieties, but that can get expensive. By making smaller packets of expensive seed, Skyfire Garden Seeds lets you try a new variety at lower cost. If you already know you love it and you want to grow lots, just buy two packets. Quantities are listed in the catalog and are subject to change without notice. (That means I correct my typos as soon as I find them.) When varieties list seeds by weight, the approximate number of seeds per ounce or gram is in the description for the section heading.

New Address Skyfire Garden Seeds
100 S College Ave
Salina, KS 67401
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