Skyfire Garden Seeds

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Greetings to all,

I have decided to sell or close Skyfire Garden Seed Company.My life has changed and my time is required with other tasks.My Wife and I now manage a B&B in Salina, Ks.

I am and always will be an advocate of self-sufficiency, growing more of my own food as well as saving seeds. Itís just that I have had no time to garden and that is what I love most.

Skyfire Garden Seed Company has been around since 2002 and has always offered top quality heirloom seeds with high reliable germination rates and the great service of a small mom and pop shop.Over 2000 customers have been purchasing since 2002.†† Many are members of SSE and have met at meetings and seminars.

My business is stable and gainful in many ways.Its value is very solid.Please send an email if youíre interested in speaking about it.

*******Notice:Orders postmarked after March 31 will be returned.No orders will be accepted after the end of March.*******

Orders currently in the mail will be processed, but my delivery time and seed availability is beginning to drop.If there is something special that you want, send me an email.Iíll see if I have some.

I have appreciated all of my experiences with you and your gardening.I want to do more of it myself.