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What we sell:


Heirloom Tomatoes. Every year I look for varieties that have some special characteristics, such as great flavor, heavy production, drought tolerance, interesting colors or fun shapes.

These seeds are:


Our company

This is a mom-and-pop seed company. We do try to send your seeds to you within two business days of receiving the order. However, Weather in Kansas can be unpredictable.

How did we get started? The orignial owner, Micki, joined Seed Savers Exchange many years ago, back when it was located in Missouri. They moved to Iowa quite a while ago. Kent and Diane (founders of Seed Savers Exchange) were some of the first people to realize the rapid rate at which vegetable varieties were going extinct. For thousands of years people have been breeding and saving all kinds of useful, delicious, beautiful, healthful, locally-adapted vegetable varieties. With the consolidation of hundreds of small seed companies into a few massive corporations, many plant varieties were being lost forever. They started a grass roots movement to save heirloom vegetables. Inspired by them, Micki started to grow several varieties to offer to other heirloom grower members of Seed Savers Exchange. It just kept growing and soon she decided to buy enough land to help more in preserving the vegetables our ancestors worked so hard to develop.

The new owner of Skyfire Garden seeds is Patrick, a Master Gardener. He is delighted that the seed company will stay in Kansas and hopes to interact with the gardening community.

Seed trials
Every year I try many varieties to see how well they do in central Kansas. We usually have very hot weather in July and August (in the 90s) with 1-2 inches of rain per month, if we are lucky. I hope to be able to offer the best of the trial varieties in the future. The weather can very quite a bit from year to year. In 2011 it was so hot that most flowering plants did not make flowers. We had a record number of days over 100 degrees, so only 3 varieties of tomatoes produced much fruit. Then 2012 was only a little cooler. But 2013 started out very cool and wet. The tomatoes hated it until normal 90 degree weather came back in late summer.

Our logo
The picture is an interpretation of a painting from a pre-Inca Peruvian pot.

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